Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you work?

I work in a private, appointment-only studio in SE Industrial Portland called Secret Club Tattoo


Do you travel? Will you come to my city?

Currently I have no solid plans to travel in the next 6 months. Any updates will be posted to instagram.


How much do you charge?

 $140 per hour


What are the health risks of neon/blacklight tattoos?

The health risks and potential side effects of neon tattoos are no different than any other tattoo. The only difference with my tattoos being the pigment. The particular inks that I use are ultra bright, highly pigmented colors that are coincidentally uv reactive. This ink is not advertised, marketed, or branded as uv reactive or blacklight; it is entirely coincidental. The health concerns and safety risks that are often associated with uv tattoos are in reference to a different type of “glow in the dark” and/or “invisible” ink. These tattoos are in no way associated with the kind of tattoos that I do, which are not glow in the dark nor invisible. The inks that I use are made in the United Staes, %100 vegan and happen to be naturally fluorescent. There are no added chemicals to cause this effect, it is simply the act of showing a brightly colored tattoo under a blacklight. It works under the same principle that causes your teeth or anything white to glow under the same lights. No bullshit, just basic science. 


Is this permanent and/or does it fade quickly?

My tattoos are permanent and like any tattoo they last forever. In general color tattoos can be known to fade or heal differently than black tattoos but this is due only in part to the pigments and also a great deal to do with the application and care given directly after. As far as I have known in my years of tattooing, the glowing quality of my tattoos holds strong and does not fade. 


What kind of ink do you use?

this is ~*~proprietary~*~ ;);):-$


How long are you booked for? How soon can I get an appointment?

Generally speaking I am booking appointments 2 weeks to 2 months out but can make exceptions in certain cases.


If I don't live in Portland, may I take your design to a tattooer in my area and have them tattoo it?

Never and not at all. I will never approve of people re-using my original designs and I pray that people stop doing this forever. Tattoo artists are exactly that, artists, and if your artist isn't capable of coming up with their own original work then I suggest you find a new artist. 


 How long have you been tattooing?

I have been a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Oregon since 2016.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and moved to Portland in 2007 :)